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When choosing a company to manage your investment, Service matters. Consistency matters. Commitment matters. Experience matters. First Class Realty Inc is a professional single-family property management firm that excels in these attributes and more. At First Class Management you get (2) two Property Managers with 30 plus years of experience at your service.

There are only two MPM® (Master Property Managers) in Houston and one of them owns First Class Realty. Our General Manager is a Certified Property Manager. We do everything possible to provide our clients the best service in this city. Our leadership involvement in NARPM, (National Association of Residential Property Managers), provides us with up to date information on property laws, new codes and an emphasis on how to protect our clients’ liability. We want the opportunity to work for you!

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Why property owners trust First Class Realty

“I would not be where I am today without Trish and her team at First Class Realty on my side. Hiring First Class Realty allows me to offset day-to-day operations as a landlord so that I can focus on other activities, like spending time with my family or expanding the business. I highly recommend Trish as your property manager if you want to build a profitable, long-term rental business.”

huy nguyen
Rental Property Owner

Why property owners trust First Class Realty

“I have used First Class Realty for 15 years to manage my investments. They have also helped me buy and sell investment property. I trust their experience and have been very happy with their service over the years. “

pat domangue
Rental Property Owner

Why property owners trust First Class Realty

"We went through several bad property managers and were considering taking a loss on our investment properties before we tried First Class Property Management. Trish and her team are honest, pragmatic, and cost-effective. They have consistently found us great tenants and make sure the properties are well cared for. First Class Property Management makes being an out-of-state landlord possible.

Greg & Kimberly Huson
Rental Property Owners
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